Space Action (2.8 MB) aggiunto il 24 May 2016 giocato 134 volte Arcade, 1 giocatore, Flash, Shoot 'Em Up, Spazio, Astronavi, Space Invaders, Gratis

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Descrizione del gioco:

Space Action is a single player game with 3d pre rendered graphics. This game was designed to be played on the web. You are a Space soldier, which appears on the bottom side of the screen. A variety of enemy appear on the top and move toward your space ship. These include small and large enemy space ships. Your objective is to shoot down all enemies, scoring as many points as possible, while at the same time avoiding enemy fire. To complete the game you have to clean 6 stages.

Game controls

Arrow left/right - Move left/right.
X - Shoot.

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